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Your Car Breaks Down. Now What??

You started out your journey with great confidence of reaching your destination with no cares or concerns. But then, the unexpected happens.

Epoxy Garage Floors – The Wow Factor

Epoxy coatings have quickly become a favorable option for home owners and businesses for garage or shop floors.

Moving Unopened Boxes

Are you taking junk with you each time you move to a new place? If so, you should read on!

Keeping Your Car Healthy

We are working on keeping our selves and our homes virus free. But are you doing enough to keep your vehicle free of harmful germs?

Fix Your Paint Problems Like a Pro

Do you have issues with your interior paint or exterior paint beginning to look, well, unkept?

Cleaning out of reach windows

While it isn't all that difficult to clean windows, what about the ones that are beyond our reach? Remember Safety First People!

A Permanent Solution for Eyebrows

The quest for natural brows has brought about some wonderful improvements and results for many people.

Chiropractic help for active people

Within most urban community areas you will find an office or clinic that offers chiropractic services. If you have never visited on, you may find you will in the future.

Bed Bug Signs

It's the last thing you want to talk about but, when you think you have Bed Bugs, it's the first thing you should do.

Your Car Breaks Down. Now What??

You started out your journey with great confidence of reaching your destination with no cares or concerns. But then, the unexpected happens. Maybe an engine light pops up on your vehicle. Maybe you hear some seriously strange sounds and knocking from the engine area. Or maybe you just blew a tire. The one thing that is for sure, you never really know when something could occur, and it can be stressful when it does.The most important thing to remember is stay calm. And stay safe. This is one of the reasons we are prompted to give drivers (and even passengers) some good information and tips to navigating through a situation, where you may need roadside assistance.First, if you suspect you may be having some engine issues, try to navigate to a safe area where you can pull over. Often an engine light does not mean that the vehicle has immediately become inoperable. It may indicate that attention needs to be given, to prevent a larger problem. There are tools on the marketplace that can diagnose error codes on vehicles. But if you are unfamiliar with parts and the mechanical operation of a vehicle, these may not be of great assistance. As long as the vehicle is operable, take it to your mechanic as soon as possible to have it correctly diagnosed.If your vehicle has broken down, meaning that it is not operable, you will need roadside assistance. First thing you want to do is try to navigate the vehicle as far away from traffic as safely possible. If you can, pulling off to the shoulder or pulling onto a service road will minimize some of the risk. If it is safe for you to leave the vehicle, you can exit via the passenger side. But only if you can then move further away from the traffic. Never stand in front of your vehicle or at the rear of your vehicle. Other motorists could not see you, which is not safe.If you are in a remote location, you need to assess if it is safe to leave the vehicle or to stay locked inside it, until assistance arrives. Be careful of strangers who offer rides. If you do need to accept a ride, take down the information (drivers license, vehicle, plate number), and lock this information inside your vehicle. You should also contact family or friend to let them know what has happened.Make sure that you have your flashers on, and other drivers can see that you are stopped. Opening the front hood can signal others that you have stopped. And tying a jacket or piece of clothing to the antenna can also help others spot you.If on the highway. contact 911 and provide them your location. They will instruct you on what you should do. If you need to have the vehicle removed, there are many companies offering towing service, as well as roadside assistance. If you reach out to one of them, they will ask you to describe the vehicle issue and will be ready to come and assist you. If they can get you running again, that’s great. But if they can’t, they can tow your vehicle and ensure you are transported safely.Remember that there is always towing services available, 24/7. You can count on them to get you safely on your way again.

Epoxy Garage Floors – The Wow Factor

Epoxy coatings have quickly become a favorable option for home owners and businesses for garage or shop floors. The finish that epoxy provides is by far one of the most durable and toughest finishing you can apply. Not only is it easy to clean, water and mold resistant, and scratch resistant, it looks fantastic when applied correctly. The days of living with drab gray concrete as flooring is coming to an end. Epoxy garage flooring provides an attractive, professional finish and design options can be quite stunning. And since garages are more functional than just a place to park your car, this flooring is a great improvement and can really add to property value and resale appeal.Did we mention that epoxy flooring is a great option for both residential and commercial flooring? There are so many different options available that will simply add to the wow factor of your business or your residence. Just like you can have color options for paint, epoxy flooring can be applied in different hues and effects. Wouldn’t it be great to park your vehicle in a garage that had the clean shine of a new vehicle showroom? Epoxy can get you those results.While there are paints out there that do contain a small amount of epoxy, they are not a substitute for the real thing. Paints cannot produce the same kind of durability or strength to their finish. This is due to the reaction between epoxide resin and the polyamine hardener. When the two components are mixed, an exothermic curing process is initiated. Epoxy will be much thicker than paint and will strongly bond to the surface being coated.You can throw a lot at an epoxy floor coating without causing any damage to it. It is very resistant to chemical stains, scratches, chipping, and any other surface abrasions. If you have a habit of dropping tools and such, you will not need to worry about damaging the flooring. It is that strong.Epoxy is very resistant to moisture and any dampness will not penetrate to areas underneath. Clean up is super easy, using mild soap and mop. And epoxy does not produce any dust. Concrete flooring, overtime and use, will break down somewhat and cause dust to vehicles and surfaces. Epoxy does not break down like that, so it does not create anything that will make your vehicles dirty or dusty.To achieve the perfect results with epoxy coating, the original flooring must be prepped correctly. This will ensure that the epoxy adheres correctly. For concrete floors this may involve floor grinding, acid etching, or shot blasting. Multiple layers of epoxy should be applied to ensure a long-lasting product. This may start with an epoxy primer, which will work as a moisture barrier to any floors susceptible to moisture vapor. This then is followed by the base coat that provides the color desired. You can add colored acrylic paint chips to this coat to add density and effect. And then the clear coat is applied, which will give the floor that super attractive glossy finish desired.

Moving Unopened Boxes

All across Canada, people are packing up their belongings to move onto new and better surroundings.And while the idea of setting up home in a new house is exciting, the packing up of items and possessions is a bit of a daunting task for some.We do tend to accumulate items, or as we often call it “stuff”. What do you do with stuff, when you are in the process of moving?We bet that you are like most people. You grab a box to toss these items into, to sort through later. If you already have a box from a previous move that you haven’t sorted through – you are not alone.Most people will often box up things without considering if they are really needed still. Junk drawers get emptied into boxes, to be sorted through later. Closets get packed up, to be sorted later. Even boxes from previous moves get moved again, to be sorted through later. There is definitely a pattern here.Why do we hang onto so much stuff?Well, in our opinion there may be several reasons.Firstly, there are individuals who hold onto items for sentimental value.Secondly, there are individuals who hold onto items for future use.Thirdly, there are individuals who hold onto items for hopes of selling them in the future.There is a ton of reasons why we hang onto stuff. Now, let’s not include heirloom items or sentimental items. If you have those boxed up, and correctly labeled, we would expect those items to move with you from one home to another.But most of us, we simply accumulate items over time. And when we plan a move, we don’t work into the plan a time to purge stuff. We jump right in boxing everything up. Just get the place packed.And when you arrive at your new place, you get to unload boxes of stuff that you are not going to go through (let’s be perfectly honest here). You will cart those boxes down into the basement or some dark corner of a closet for another day’s sorting. And you will do this, over and over again, with each move. Until you purge these items out completely.It might help to put a date on these boxes. At the very least, put the year on the outside of the box when you pack it up. Once a few years have past and you don’t open this box, assume there is nothing of value in there and get rid of the contents in one load. Don’t even open the box. Do you really need to hang onto DVDs from the 1980s if you no longer have a player? Maybe you do. Maybe you have a reason you are holding onto items. But try to really ask yourself – is this useful still? Am I really going to use this stuff? How hard would it be to replace something later, if the need should ever arise?Purging your items will make you feel lighter and, believe it or not, give you a sense of freedom. Your stuff does not own you. You don’t need to keep everything. And if you haven’t even seen it in a year or two, it’s just taking up space.So next time you are moving, start first by doing a purge. It will create space for you to do your packing and sorting, which is a bonus. Then, when you move, you are only moving what is truly necessary. And parting ways with things that have lost their necessity. Once you have a good amount ready to be purged, you can contact a Junk Removal service. They can pick it up, recycle what you have, and let you keep packing up what is important. And you can start off in your new location, without sending all that stuff into dark corners to collect dust.

Keeping Your Vehicle Interior Healthy

We don’t have to educate you on the concerns in our world right now about keeping ourselves safe from viruses and disease. We are all well aware of the impact that Covid-19 has had on our way of life. We are working on keeping our selves and our homes virus free. But are you doing enough to keep your vehicle free of harmful germs?Often, we are just not aware of how many germs are found in our vehicles. It is important to understand this and take the right measures to eliminate them. With recommendations that are supported by our Medical Health Advisors, we are prepared to ensure the correct interior car detailing is provided to you. For your health and safety.But we also want to share this information to you, the general public. Whether you use our car detailing service or not. Below is comments regarding cleaning your vehicle by Mobile Auto Detailing in Edmonton.For cleaning the interior of your vehicles, we strongly urge you to do steam cleaning of all carpets and fabric surfaces. This has been found to be strong in killing the corona virus. Use steam to clean your seats, floor mats, headliner, air vents, and even your steering wheel.For the hard surfaces (such as dashboard), we recommend using products that are both germ-killing and safe on your interior. This can include many all-purpose household cleaners, Lysol, and even rubbing alcohol. You may be in a good habit now of wiping down surfaces as you get in or leave your vehicle. We do strongly feel that a deep cleaning is required still. Then your wipe downs will have more impact on keeping the interior more germ free, between deep cleans.Next, we would like to just offer some of our best practices, that can be adapted to becoming yours, during this challenging time.When we are working on your vehicle, we always wear rubber gloves. Obviously, we don’t want to contaminate your vehicle with any germs. But we also need to protect ourselves from picking up any from your vehicle. This might feel strange to you, if you are the only one operating or riding in your vehicle. But can you be sure that you have not tracked anything unwanted into your vehicle?Once done with the clean, we dispose of rubber gloves. While it might be possible to disinfect them, at least to an acceptable level, during this pandemic we are disposing of them. It is better to be safe and not take any unnecessary risk. The cost of new rubber gloves is minimal.Once we have removed the rubber gloves and disposed of them, we wash our hands with antibacterial soap and water. While our hands may have been protected while wearing the gloves, taking them off could have exposed them to germs on the outside. So regular cleaning of hands and hand sanitizing is still required.And to close, we would like to provide you a list of some of the spots in your vehicle that are the most vulnerable to exposure.Steering Wheels
Gear Shifts
Door Handles
Climate Control and Radio Buttons
Centre Console
Glove Box
If you pause and reflect on surfaces that are touched often, you can add to this list yourself. According to your own vehicle use. Be mindful that contact surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned.We hope that is has increased your awareness about proper cleaning and car detailing that is needed. With the Covid 19 pandemic, we all have become more aware of the need to sanitize. But beyond that, keeping your vehicle clean is important. Eliminating dust and airborne particles can protect loved ones with breathing issues. And help stop the spread of germs that cause the flu and other seasonal conditions. And keeping your car clean will help maintain its resale value down the road.

Fix Your Paint Problems Like a Pro

Do you have issues with your interior paint or exterior paint beginning to look, well, unkept? You have put all the effort in to get it on just right. But over time, you are noticing some defects popping up. Let us give you a few pointers from professional painters on how to correctly address some of these issues, so they don’t mess with your painting projects.Paint Flaking
Paint flaking or peeling doesn’t usually happen right away, after painting. It usually starts when small fault or crack lines appear in the finished surface. Then the paint flakes or curls up away from the surface. The reason most likely is that low-quality paint was used, or too much paint was applied to the surface during the coating. The paint is not effectively adhering to the surface.
You can try removing any peeling or flaking paint using a wire brush. Or if you have a paint scraper, that will also do the job. You will need to rough up the affected area, so the paint will adhere. Start with some course sandpaper and then finish up with fine abrasive grade. Keep in mind that you will also need to deal with the edges from the peeling. Smooth those out so that you will eliminate lines showing up between the two areas. Don’t forget to prime the area to be repaired before repainting it.
Paint on Carpets
Often, paint will splatter as it is being applied. Unfortunately, it is likely to land on your carpeting or rungs. This is why professional house painters always use a drop cloth to minimize paint splatter. Clean up as soon as you notice the splatter or spill. First, grab a paint scrapper and get up as much of the paint as possible. Using a sponge next will capture any flakes. Then take a dry cloth and blot up anything remaining. Be gentle, as you do not want to push paint down further into the fibers. Using a bit of dish soap and water will clean up any traces that are still remaining. Then let the carpet dry completely.
Color Choice Error
You would not be the first person who thought a certain color or shade would be perfect for your project. Once you get the paint home and apply the first coat, you realize you have made a mistake. This isn’t the end of the line for your painting project. Decide if the color is to bright? Maybe it is contrasting too much? If you return the paint to the store, more often than not, they can add a tint to it to fix it for you. You can get some great advice from the paint store on how to lighten the area or darken it. They are move than willing to offer their expertise to resolve any color errors. If you are going to adjust the shade, check to see how dry the surface is. You may have to scuff it up a bit so that the new coat will adhere.
Painters Tape
Painters tape is a really great tool to have for any painting project. You can easily tape off edges, trim, borders, and any surfaces that you do not want any paint on. The tricky thing is to get the paint tape off early. It is recommended not to leave any painters tape on longer than an hour. If you do, any paint could come off with the tape when you remove it. That can leave your edges along the tape raggedy. And you should remove it, pulling away from the painted surface.
There are many more tips that professional Edmonton painters have in their toolboxes. If you are encountering issues while doing a painting project, a lot of the pros are willing to offer advise on why an issue could be occurring and how to fix it. Don’t be timid or reluctant to ask them.If you are interest in more DIY tips from the pros, check out these informative articles from professional painters.

Reaching out of reach windows safely

If you are like us, we always want to attempt to take care of the tasks around the home the best that we can. And we have found out that we sometimes are not equipped with the skills needed to do certain things safely. Window cleaning can definitely fall under this category. While it isn’t difficult to clean the windows on the ground level, when we have to contend with the upper level of the home, we tend to be a bit more comfortable bringing in a professional window cleaning service for this. Afterall, they do have the experience and knowledge of how to do this safely. Which is very important, we are sure you agree!Safety Concerns
We have seen many people out on the ledge of their second story, attempting to wash their windows. We have seen some very scary methods being attempted and often hold our breath or turn away, for fear of seeing a situation turn into an injury. Which would be extremely unfortunate for anyone. Or anyone trying to assist them in their reckless attempt!
But not everyone is willing to bring in a professional window cleaning service for these difficult areas. We get that and we want to share some very important safety tips that can help to minimize the risk associated with cleaning these “hard to reach” spots.
First, make sure you have everything that you need on hand and near you. You don’t want to be constantly moving and grabbing tools or product that is out of reach. Minimize your movement to a small range whenever possible. This will in turn minimize your risk of slipping or falling. Think about having towels, brushes, sponges, buckets, squeegees, cleaning supplies, and all other items you know you will need to use. And collecting everything at once for easy access.
Next, make sure that, if you are planning on using a ladder to reach the level you need to work at, choose a ladder that extends beyond that spot. This will allow you to work safely on the ladder, without having to stand on the top rungs of the ladder. This is not stable and can be very dangerous to you and anyone beneath you.
Make sure that you are able to stabilize the ladder securely against the exterior wall. It should rest solidly on both sides so that it will provide stability and won’t be prone to wobbling or movement while you are on it. Having someone help stabilize the ladder from beneath is a good measure – but remember that they are at risk for any misstep or mishap that can happen above them. Keep in mind that they are below you and be careful not to drop anything.
You may also want to wear protective gloves while you are washing windows. If the glass breaks unexpectedly, you can be injured. Wearing gloves will provide you some protection. Just remember not to apply excessive pressure on the glass panes.
Washing with a Pole
There is an alternative to washing windows that are hard to reach and doesn’t involve you leaving the safety of the ground. If you are not comfortable with heights, this method is for you! You can use an extendable water pole that will reach those higher windows safely. These rods have a brush or mop attachment to the top of them. You can hook up a water source to these rods and effectively wash windows that are beyond your reach. Just remember to stay clear of any electrical wires or shock risks. Water and electricity do not mix well!
Remove the Windows
This isn’t always an option but it is worth investigating! Are the second floor windows removable? If so take them out and wash them while they are removed. You can do this safely without any risk. And you can see close up how effective your cleaning truly is. It is difficult at times to gauge whether the window cleaning is leaving streaks or spots while you are in a awkward position to start with. Just remember to be careful removing and installing the windows again due to the risk of breaking the glass. Or dropping the window completely.
Roof Access
If you can access the roof safely, you could consider washing hard to reach windows from the top down. But that of course depends on the slope of your rooftop. We would never recommend this for anyone who is uncomfortable of heights. We would also recommend you do not do this on your own. Safety is a great concern and you will need to ensure that you are anchored off by ropes, which would need to be monitored by someone on the roof with you. This is an extreme method and would really fall under the services provided by a professional window cleaning company only.
Magnetic Window Cleaners?
While these tools might sound like a great idea to make window cleaning easier, in actuality they really aren’t. And you can save your money on trying them. The thought behind this invention was to allow you to attach a couple of sponges together via a magnet. You put one on the outside and you can move it around with the other magnet inside. Sounds good in theory. However, the magnetic isn’t strong enough to actually work. The glass is usually too thick to be effective. And if it did, you would get scratches from the magnet on the window panes. Professional window cleaning companies don't recommend this option. These gadgets just don’t do an effective job overall and you will end up having to look for another alternative to cleaning the exterior of the pane anyways.
In Summary
What is the best method of window cleaning? Hire a professional. With experience and knowledge of how to tackle even the most difficult windows to reach, you will get better results than trying to do it on your own. The cost is relatively low when compared to other safer, easier tasks to take on in your home. Why not just leave the windows to the guys who know how to clean them the best.
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A Permanent Solution for Eyebrows

Cosmetic tattooing has become very popular over the last few years and many techniques and styles of facial tattooing have evolved to where we are today. The quest for natural brows has brought about some wonderful improvements and results for many people.You may be feeling envious of others who seem to have such perfect brows. Wonderfully shaped, full, and defined by the perfect shade of color. You might be surprised to learn that many of these are created by tattooing. What you may have thought was created by eyebrow pencil strokes are now created by the tip of a needle.Back in the day, you might have stopped in surprise when a friend introduced you to their “new” eyebrow tattooing. Did you have the heart to tell them that they really didn’t look natural? Of course not. Chances are they probably noticed that weeks after getting them. But, lucky for the rest of us, the process has seriously advanced, with fantastic results.You will have a couple of common choices at most studios performing this cosmetic tattooing now. And depending on what results you are trying to achieve, there will undoubtedly be a solution for you. Nano Brows are a type of cosmetic tattooing, aimed at giving you a very natural looking brow. With very thin lines, imitating hairs, applied by a tiny needle – Nano Brows give you the illusion of a natural brow with semi-permanent color of your choice. Ombre Brows will give you a smooth, soft strokes that resemble an eyebrow pencil marking. A bit more solid than a Nano Brow, but still appearing very natural. If you prefer a bit of a combination between the two, that is readily available as well. Choosing between the two types of cosmetic tattooing is a personal preference and both are affordable and very easy to maintain.With cosmetic tattooing of all types, treatments are semi-permanent. Brow tattooing can last quite well for 3 to 5 years. That is a great convenience for many who are wanting to minimize their makeup routines. Some clients have overplucked their brows or have sparce brows left. Others may be experiencing the loss of color due to aging. And some may have scars that are disrupting their brow lines. There are quite a few reasons one might be considering having their brows tattooed. Whatever your reasons for considering this procedure, the cost is really very affordable.For the very best results, you will want to ensure that your cosmetic tattooing is done at the hands of skilled, trained technicians. There are many different cosmetic tattooing studios in major cities across the country now. These technicians will be focused on ensuring you are comfortable during the procedure. They will want to ensure they deliver the results that you are wanting and expecting. And they will also be very careful regarding any health issues or infections.There are several other types of cosmetic tattooing available for other facial features. It really does make it possible to rise and shine daily, already made up for the day. If you are interested in what other services are available, you can contact a local studio, such as Studio Vanassa, who specialize in cosmetic tattooing and paramedical tattooing.

Chiropractor Help for Active People

Within most urban community areas you will find an office or clinic that offers chiropractic services. If you have never visited on, you may find you will in the future. It is very unlikely that you will not suffer from some form of back pain, neck pain, knee pain, etc. Our bodies go through a lot of living! Especially if you are seeking to live a healthy, active lifestyle.Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine, or what we like to refer to as Chiropractors, are medical doctors trained in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions and the nervous system. Their patient base includes people of all walks and backgrounds, from infancy through to seniors. The aim is to treat pain and discomfort associated with spinal and body injuries in a non-surgical way. Their treatments are definitely more of a hands on approach to eliminating the discomfort you experience. They are growing in demand within the sports community and the general public as well.You may be seeing a lot of new sports injury clinics opening up in your city, offering their spine and sport treatments for injuries and strains. These clinics are really a combination of different forms of therapies and treatments. With a focus on overall wellbeing, there are treatments that compliment each other when treating a patient. With a clinic that can offer a wide range of different therapy treatments, the client can receive the best optimal outcome.Many Chiropractors will specialize in specific treatment options or therapies. These include spinal adjustments, shock wave therapy, physiotherapy and spinal decompression. You will also find custom orthopedics and massage offered at many spine and sport clinics. It is the combination of different treatments that bring out the best results. And with specialists on staff at these clinics, you can have access to the full range of services from one location.When you visit a Chiropractor it is very similar to visiting your family physician. They will collect a medical background from you, do a physical examination of the area of concern, and may further request blood work or medical imaging. This is all done to determine a correct diagnosis.Once a diagnosis is made, at treatment plan will be developed and discussed with you. At spine and sport clinics, there are many means of treatment available and often a treatment plan will include several. The plans normally cover weeks if not months of treatment. And most clinics do offer insurance direct billing. The best results are achieved when the treatment plan is followed from beginning to end.All treatments and therapies offered in clinic are non-surgical. Often, they go hand in hand with other medical referrals from other practitioners.The benefit of a wide range of treatments available today is that the patient can recover quicker and regain their overall wellbeing and life style sooner. And with the active lifestyle that many people are choosing to live, this is good news. Taking care of your main vehicle, namely your body, will serve you well in keeping you active and healthy for years to come.When pain begins to slow you down, make sure you reach out to a Chiropractor at a spine and sport clinic for diagnosis and treatment. And keep on moving!
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Bed Bug Signs You Should Know

Here’s a topic that people gather round to chat about: Bed Bugs.No, there is no one that is going to want to discuss bed bugs and how they can affect someone’s living conditions. It’s actually the other way around. People often feel embarrassed or ashamed to even mention that they have bed bugs. Please don’t feel like you are alone. Every year, countless numbers of people are facing this situation. Seriously, it is no reflection on you or your home. It is a very common situation – uncomfortable as it may be. It is during this time that a professional Bed Bug Exterminator can be your best friend!We have chatted with Edmonton’s leading Bed Bug Specialists, who have some information that they would like very much to share with readers. These are the one group of folks that actually do like chatting about bed bugs!How Can I Detect Bedbugs?When you are concerned about the possibility of bed bugs in your home, trying to actually spot them can be difficult. They are tiny pests and they hide themselves well from the human eye. Knowing what you are looking for precisely, in terms of a description, will let you be better prepared to avoid confusing them with other types of bugs. They are ovular in shape, with visible legs. And they are reddish in colour after they have fed on blood. After they have fed, they tend to be engorged and will be easier to spot at that time. But they will still be very elusive.Bed bugs will leave a few clues behind them that are much more easier to notice. Which is a good thing!The first sign that you might want to look for is bed bug bites. If you or anyone else in the home have started to wake up with new itchy bites after sleeping, you may have found your first clue. You might notice the bites in a straight line or zig zag patter on uncovered skin. They will be small, red and itchy. But before you jumpt to the conclusion that these are bed bug bites, they may be consistent with other insect bites or even skin rashes or skin conditions. Just take this as the first sign that you might have bed bugs and look for more indications.The second sign could very well be small traces of blood left on your bedding or pillow cases. These little droplets will not be bright red but more of a rust color, and they will be small in size. These small spots can show up anywhere on your bedding and leave you wondering what could cause them. Well, this could also be a sign of the presence of bed bugs, unfortunately.Thirdly, listen to what your nose is telling you. Yes, bed bugs will leave an odor in the home or space. People have described it as a kind of musky odor, similar to a damp towel. If you find yourself searching for a damp towel or something, along with the other signs, well, you may have uncovered a bed bug situation.And, lastly, the eggs left by bed bugs are visible to the human eye. And can definitely be a give away to a bed bug infestation. They are small, but visible. They are an off-white color and can usually be spotted in crevasses, seams, or cracks. Take a good look around around buttons, mattress edging, bedframe and even the boxspring.If you have done some investigation with the presence of the above clues, what is your next step? Go straight to a professional bed bug specialist to confirm your suspicions. Professional Pest Management specialists are trained in assessing any infestations correctly. And that is your next step.You could try to treat any bed bug situation on your own, but it is probably not your best option. Let a bed bug pest control professional assess and offer the correct treatment solutions for long lasting results. You can ask them about any environmental concerns you may have, and they will happily will provide you information about any chemicals or solutions planned so you can put your mind to rest. There are many eco-friendly solutions available, with some very positive results! Professional Pest Management can provide those for you.And always remember, that you are never alone, when it comes to dealing with this kind of situation. This situation is just a temporary one that many others have already come through. You will too. Courteous, confidential, and caring support is just a phone call away!Curious to learn more about bed bugs? Check out these informative articles from professional exterminators.