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old manWhat about dolls ... ?? Without dolls an empty room just remains empty. But with dolls, oh my... 

They let you hear the shouting and laughter from the kids in their tree house or playing in the snow. They help you smell the cookies baking, or soup simmering in Grandma's kitchen. You can almost hear the brain cells clicking as your kids struggle in school, and teachers try to keep order.

Moms and Nannies are beside themselves while supervising their kids' tub baths and slumber parties, or busy cleaning house and washing their clothes. The mechanics are trying to keep the old car running... the shopkeepers stocking the shelves...

YOUR dolls tell the story without words!!

Each doll will be created just for you, as close to the picture as possible. All are posable, but clothing may vary and is not removable.

Dolls are 1" to 1' scale - and newly added 1/4" (quarter inch) scale, individually sculpted from polymer clays. Every doll comes with clear plastic stand designed just for them.

little girlIf you don't see YOUR doll, contact me as I have others in stock, or will create one to capture your heart's desire. Special orders will take 4 to 6 weeks to complete. (A very special "thanks" to my friend Sumrbrez.93, Mabes, for photography).

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